Big Tech Lobbies Biden To End Trump's Immigration Policies

TechNet -- a coalition of Big Tech executives from Amazon, Apple, Cisco, Dell, Facebook, and Google -- has filed briefs in support of lawsuits challenging new rules unveiled by the Trump administration.

Critics say the immigration rules make it more difficult for skilled workers to acquire visas, and require companies that hire “high-skilled” foreign workers with H-1B visas to pay them close to an average industry salary.

Big tech wants to work with the Biden administration to reverse President Trump’s stricter immigration policies, which they say made it more difficult to recruit and employ highly skilled visa holders.

Numerous sources in the technology and advertising industries feel that not holding on to Trump's stricter policies would close the door to many highly qualified U.S. applicants.

Biden and various CEOs and labor union leaders held a virtual meeting today to discuss building back the economy and stopping the spread of COVID-19 by gaining greater control over the pandemic.



General Motors CEO Mary Barra, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Target CEO Brian Cornell, and Gap CEO Sonia Syngal participated, along with union leaders like AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka, SEIU president Mary Kay Henry, UAW leader Rory Gamble, AFSCME president Lee Saunders and UCFW President Marc Perrone.

It is unknown whether Google's and Facebook's CEO were invited, reports CNBC.

The labor leaders represented a union that either wholly or in part endorsed Biden’s presidential campaign.

Bloomberg reports that the Biden administration’s economic plan is based on the “Build Back Better” strategy he spoke about during the campaign that included $2 trillion in spending on clean energy and infrastructure. The goal is to create millions of jobs that would build the wind turbines, sustainable homes and electric vehicles needed to rapidly throttle the U.S. greenhouse gas emissions driving climate change.

Similar to Trump, during his campaign, Biden also talked about a Buy American plan. This $700 billion Buy American manufacturing plan would include $400 billion in additional federal purchases of products made by American workers over the course of his first term as well as $300 billion for federally funded research and development.

Biden expects this proposal on manufacturing and buying American will create 5 million jobs.

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