Mediaocean Automates Local TV Pre-, Post-Buys

Mediaocean, the big media-buying software platform for U.S. media agencies, is automating local TV media-planning and media-buying tools, improving workflow to better compete with digital and other media platforms.

“Local buyers still get bogged down with burdensome tasks and they don't have time for it,” says Drew Kane, chief client officer at Mediaocean. The new tools look to “take a huge amount of [work] hours of time spent out.”

New automated features for pre- and post-buy media tasks will help local TV media buyers using its Spectra or Prisma systems.

Now Mediaocean says buyers can automate pre-buy tasks in addition to doing historical and predictive research, and can integrate planning with buying and billing.

In addition, Mediaocean will automate the posting process, which includes getting air times from providers WideOrbit and PremiumMedia360, and connecting with Nielsen overnight data so buyers can see how well commercials are performing on a daily basis.



Anupam Gupta, chief product officer at Mediaocean, in a statement said: “The same forces driving innovation and automation in national broadcast are coming for local [TV].”

Digital media is driving some of these changes. “We are no longer looking at local TV as just buying local TV,” says Kane. “We’re looking at including digital and all forms of TV buying together.”

In June, Mediaocean agreed to include digital video inventory in its systems from NBC TV stations advanced advertising unit NBC Spot On, which sells local and regional CTV and OTT inventory.

Mediaocean also works with Premion, the OTT and CTV advertising sales business owned by TV station group Tegna, with Gray Television having a minority stake in the company.

Mediaocean says it processes $150 billion in annual media spend per year.

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