Samba TV Grows Revenue Over $100 Million Globally, Adds TiVo Data Deal

Samba TV, a TV data measurement company, says it has grown to more than $100 million in revenue globally in 2020.

This year the company has struck worldwide TV data deals with Walt Disney, Comscore, MiQ, Catalina, The Trade Desk, and Amazon Web Services.

Most recently it has struck a deal with TiVo, a unit of Xperi Corp., where its time-shifted technology data will be added from “a cross-section of multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) in the U.S.”

With this deal, Samba says advertisers can use its targeting technology to add reach when it comes to TV audiences lost to ad skipping with digital video recorders.

Samba TV’s Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology is integrated into 20 smart TV brands globally, “fingerprinting all content that crosses the TV screen.”

Ashwin Navin, co-founder and CEO of Samba TV, says this approach in using smart TV data is more complete when compared with some competitors: “It would be a huge mistake to assume that one brand of smart TV or set-top box data is representative or accurate enough to create a normalized view of the TV audience at large.”



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