Pinterest Creative Dynamic Certification Launches With Three Partners

Pinterest introduced dynamic creative certification on Tuesday, enabling brands to work with partners RevJet, and StitcherAds on its platform.

Dynamic creative -- a method of programmatic advertising -- enables the message of the ad to update with different creative pieces in real-time based on an advertiser’s predefined parameters and rules.

Michael Loebelson, director of strategic partnerships, StitcherAds, a technology that layers on top of Pinterest, said the company has been working with Pinterest for more than a year. The official partnership launched today. “We approached Pinterest with our technology, and now they’ve created a new badge to indicate we are a certified partner,” he said.

Advertisers use the StitcherAds platform to build the enhanced creative, which also provides reporting and optimization of the campaign. The technology pushes the creative onto Pinterest, which displays the ad on its platform.



StitcherAds notes that advertisers who optimize its technology to apply overlays in Pinterest have benefited, seeing an average 11% increase to return on ad spend, 55% increase to conversion rates, and 7% decrease to cost per purchase. 

The move is intended to help advertisers automate the process of tailoring ads to audiences by partnering with dynamic creative platforms. Each of the three companies' platforms allow advertisers to design performance-driven Pins, with audience-specific messaging, using their dynamic creative tools and templates.

Advertisers can generate multiple versions of new Pins from assets they upload to the platform, or send through a product feed where they automatically import product data such as price, location, and availability.

Parts of the Pins will dynamically display creative elements including product images, copy, and pricing that will be served to the advertiser’s targeted audiences. Pinterest says this leads to the ability to automatically create hundreds of ads with unique messaging to specific audiences.

The benefits range from reducing time and effort required to make custom ads that are relevant to unique groups of consumers to assisting advertisers in testing and identifying the creative pieces that drive performance.

Pinterest says the number of people pinning items on its platform who engage with shopping tools has grown by more than 85% in the six months that ended September 30.

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