Namogoo Debuts Online Personalization Tool

Marketing platform Namogoo has launched an intent-based tool that it says will enable retailers to personalize their online marketing.  

The new offering, Intent-Based Promotions, allows brands to serve automated incentives that are individualized for every site visit, the company says. 

Intent-Based Promotions considers each visitor’s intent, while tying it to desired margins and inventory levels, it adds.  

Presumably, this enhanced targeting can help brands in their email marketing and other channel usage throughout the customer journey.  

Many companies now target rule-based, demographic or behavioral segments — a “one size fits most” approach, Namogoo claims.  

But retailers know that “every phase of every site visit is an opportunity that can either be won or lost, and in this incredibly competitive retail environment, losing customers is not an option,” states Chemi Katz, CEO and co-founder of Israel-based Namogoo.



Intent-Based Promotions also helps with first-time visitors, the company says.

And it enables retailers to "shift their promotion budget away from visitors who would have purchased anyway or have no shopping intent, and towards visitors who will convert when presented with the right promotion at the ideal moment in the customer journey,” states Ohad Greenshpan, co-founder and CTO of Namogoo.

The tool provides a design studio and analytics dashboard, and can be used by retailers of various sizes, from mid-market to Fortune 500.



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