MadHive Offers OTT/CTV Forecasting Tool Tor TV Stations

Ad-tech platform MadHive has debuted a more accurate TV ad campaign forecasting tool, and TV station groups Fox Television Stations, E.W. Scripps and Tegna have already signed on.

In particular, the Audience Forecaster will help address big industry problems in the OTT and CTV world -- especially with frequency control and transparency.

Adam Helfgott, CEO at MadHive, stated that campaign delivery guarantees are difficult to predict in the OTT and CTV programmatic world.

Gleaning data from more than 300 billion monthly avails, MadHive says Audience Forecaster provides AI-driven recommendations and customizable control settings. In addition, it provides real-time data against geography, demographic, behavioral and frequency measures.

TV station groups can now measure and adjust frequency of advertising messaging across providers spanning more than 210 markets, representing 80% of U.S. households.



This adds to the company platform efforts around fraud detection, attribution, audience based-buying and local TV reach extension.
TV stations can benefit from taking on new digital-first D2C marketers looking for extra local TV added reach.

In 2019, MadHive struck a deal with Vizio’s Inscape, the smart TV data company, to integrate Inscape data from 11 million smart TVs. The goal was to deliver a national OTT effort to advertisers. Also in that year, it stuck a deal with TV station owner Tegna’s Premion unit, the OTT advertising-selling business.

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