Oracle Moat Integrates Directly Into Taboola

Taboola has formed a new partnership with Oracle Moat that embeds analytics directly into reporting tools for its advertising platform. The move aims to increase transparency for advertisers and improve measurement.

Oracle Moat Measurement’s integration into Taboola Ads, which powers recommendations across the open web, aims to help advertisers measure the outcome of campaigns.

The need for transparency and consumer data privacy have prompted an unlikely integration and partnership. It’s a first for both companies.

It’s the first time Oracle Moat has worked with a platform like Taboola to embed their analytics transparency platform directly into reporting tools, and it’s the first time Taboola has allowed an external third-party measurement provider to be directly integrated into its advertiser offerings, says Dave Struzzi, Taboola communications lead.



The idea to integrate Oracle Moat into Taboola Ads was a result of working closely over the past few years. Taboola had previously announced integrations around giving advertisers the ability to purchase video impressions on an outcome-based method that included viewable or video completions. Now the company has a built-in measurement system that verifies and checks for return on investments.

“Think of it as providing advertisers peace of mind that an external third-party now verifies that their video ads are being seen.,” he said.

Taboola approached Oracle Moat for this collaboration, as it needed to live within the company’s ad-buying platform to be successful.

Taboola works with about 13,000 advertisers. All now have direct access to Oracle Moat through Taboola.

Spending wisely on video advertisements is of great importance to marketers.

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