MessageMedia Joins HubSpot App Partner Program, Focuses On SMS

Messaging platform MessageMedia has joined the HubSpot App Partner program and launched SMS for HubSpot.

The new integration provides marketers with a single view of their customers while facilitating the sending of SMS reminders, confirmations, promotions and other communications, the company says. 

SMS cuts through the noise with 90% of messages read within 90 seconds, in contrast with alleged mail clutter, the firm claims. 

MessageMedia was accepted as a HubSpot partner, and SMS for HubSpot is now being featured as part of HubSpot’s exclusive Workflows app collection.

One early adopter, ecommerce retailer Vinomofo, used the integration to win back customers who had stopped purchasing wine for up to 12 months. Previously, it had used email, but wanted to avoid a reliance on one form of communication. 



Vinomofo used SMS for HubSpot to create automated workflows that segmented its customers based on their last purchase dates, and then to send and track SMS activity within the one platform. 

Adding SMS led to a 50% increase in recovered customers, 21% more conversations, and a 120x ROI. 

“We chose SMS in addition to email to help reduce churn because it allows us to reach more customers which creates better cut-through and engagement for our campaigns,” states Mariano Favia, head of marketing at Vinomofo.


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