ENGINE Media Exchange Releases Tool To Visualize Log-Level Data

With data transparency a priority, ENGINE Media Exchange will soon announce its new dashboard that visualizes log-level data, so buyers can easily view fees and non-media costs in programmatic auctions.

Through Exchange BI, the goal is to give buyers a way to access a dashboard and gain confidence to know how much money goes to programmatic working media.

The company built a state-of-the-art infrastructure and visualization tool showing actionable data and filters that give marketers the insights to help them understand the efficiency of their media buys--bids and prices.

“We think of it as a terminal into the exchange, similar to what is available in the financial markets for advanced traders who want to understand volumetrics, pricing and meta data related to buying and bidding strategies,” said Michael Zacharski, CEO of ENGINE Media Exchange.

Zacharski said other companies may offer log-level data, but it’s the buyer’s responsibility to ingest and process this data and manage the extract, transform and load processes on their own.



“This is complex, expensive and often falls short of fulfilling the promise of transparency,” he said. “Raw log-level data feeds are often clunky, incomplete and impossible to manage efficiently, and they fall short of delivering meaningful business insights.”

It took multiple years to build the platform, requiring several business units within the company to collaborate.

The Data Pipeline Engineering, Data Science, Dev Ops and Operational teams worked on the project, requiring them to build in cost-efficient and fast data pipeline management, as well as the ability to quickly query and comb through billions of rows of data across the entire global exchange.

It was made possible because of the company’s patented technology -- new technology purposely built for CTV and omnichannel media.

“Transparency is something we’ve invested in for a long time, but what’s new is showing the full supply path,” Zacharski said. “We also show the data per-brand and per-publisher basis, exposing delivery metrics like total bids, wins and ad renders, charge price and passed bid in our auction, and downstream in the final auction in the publisher ad server.”
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