Comscore Enables Cookie-Free Audience Targeting Via 1st-Party Data

Comscore, which established itself as one of the ad industry's major media audience-measurement services based on an opt-in panel of consumers, this morning announced a new "cookie-free" audience-targeting capability enabling marketers to utilize their own "first-party" consumer data.

The new service, part of Comscore's "Predictive Audiences" platform, is a collaboration with three major consumer data firms -- Experian, InfoSum and LiveRamp -- enabling marketers to contextually target media audiences based on age, gender, TV and OTT viewership, and a variety of consumer behaviors, such as automobile purchases, gaming, location data, etc. on a cookie-free, privacy-compliant basis.

Comscore has an opt-in panel of 3 million consumers providing their media usage behaviors.



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