Performance Marketing Focus Remains On Video, Search

With more companies prioritizing performance-based strategies, driven by the rapid adoption of digital channels and the need to track, measure and attribute the ROI of each asset, campaign, or activity, it’s critical to optimize your efforts across every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Most organizations investing millions in brand-building must focus on the bottom line to stay profitable. Performance marketing puts power back in the hands of the advertiser.

There’s a disconnect, according to Bombora Company Surge, between brands and agencies when it comes to search intent related to “conversion rate optimization" (CRO) and the “buyer journey” -- both important areas for marketers to master in today’s performance-driven world, which is all about hitting the right people with the right message in the right place at the right time.



Intent data also show that marketers are vigorously researching terms related to topics such as video and internet search that have demonstrated longevity of interest among brands and agencies. eMarketer reports  that time spent with digital video grew while time spent with TV plateaued.

A November 2020 study of B2B marketers by WARC and Spotify substantiates this trend, finding that roughly three in four B2B marketers worldwide expect to increase their marketing investments in online video and display advertising.

While video has driven investment in US digital advertising for several years, expect to see gains in video and performance-oriented ads to continue post-pandemic.

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