NewsGuard Begins Rating Veracity Of YouTube News Content, Zefr First To License It

NewsGuard, which rates websites based on the veracity of the information -- or misinformation -- they publish, is expanding its service to YouTube videos, thanks to an agreement with Zefr, a platform that already helps brands target advertising on YouTube based on the relevance and brand safety of its video content.

NewsGuard already has begun licensing its publishing-site data to agency holding companies, and a variety of platforms and networks contextually targeting them, but the new deal with Zefr will enable brands to target consumers based on the trustworthiness of news in YouTube videos.

Importantly, NewsGuard will enable Zefr’s clients to create both inclusion and exclusion lists, preventing them from “overblocking” legitimate news publishers on the platform.

“This is a pretty big leap for them – and us,” asserts NewsGuard Co-Founder Steve Brill, noting: “First time advertisers can advertise with complete safety on YouTube.”



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