Acxiom And Adobe Form Data Platform To Help Firms Bridge Martech/Ad Tech Gap

Acxiom’s Real Identity tool is being integrated with Adobe Experience Platform in an effort to help brands create a consent-based data pool and reduce reliance on third-party cookies, Acxiom announced on Thursday.   

The arrangement combines Acxiom’s identity technology and data with Adobe’s customer data platforms, enabling digital personalization, ad delivery and identity resolution and management, Acxiom says.

The goal is to provide brands with “a configurable suite of connected identity capabilities to enhance their ability to deliver real-time personalization,” says Tony Sanders, senior director for Americas partner sales at Adobe.

The joint tools help firms create brand-owned identity graphs and achieve “a much tighter connection between a brand’s identity management and the many channels, paid and owned, where they reach customers and prospects,” adds Eugene Becker, general manager and executive vice president at Acxiom. 

This partnership leverages Acxiom’s data from over 50 countries to help brands get the most out of Adobe’s CDPs, the companies say.  

Clients that have used Acxiom Real Identity and Adobe Experience Platform together have seen increased recognition of authenticated website visitors exposed to paid media campaigns, they claim. 

Acxiom notes that with third-party cookies depreciating, brands must move towards gaining consent-based personal information for use across the martech and ad-tech ecosystems. 


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