Disney Offers 'Clean Room' To Help Marketers' First-Party Data Needs

Looking to help TV marketers with their first-party data, Disney Advertising Sales has launched a “clean room,” typically used to match client proprietary consumer information with other industry data for greater performance.

Disney says its effort will enable marketers to work with 1,000 first-party segments.

Clean rooms offer marketers the ability to match their first-party data with other industry data in a privacy-enabled environment.

At launch, cloud-based data warehouse vendors will include Habu, InfoSum and Snowflake. Media agency group Omnicom Media Group and Drivetime, a retail automotive marketer, have signed on as beta launch brands.

The clean-room effort is from the Disney Select unit.

Through its first-party segments, marketers can match and fuel their needs when it comes to buyer behavior, household characteristics and psychographics.

Lisa Valentino, executive vice president of client solutions and addressable enablement of Disney Advertising Sales, stated: “It was important for our clean-room offering to be cloud agnostic to provide brands with scale and variation, as diverse as their respective industries.”

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