LinkedIn Relaunches In China As InCareer Job Board With Sponsored Content, Pages

LinkedIn this week launched its job site for China -- taking steps to fulfill the promise it made two months ago to sunset the full version of LinkedIn in China and turn it into a job site.

InCareer, a new jobs app designed to help Chinese mainland professionals find jobs and companies discover great talent in China, is available on desktop and mobile for iOS and Android devices.

Sponsored content and pages will be featured. Brands in China will have access to advertising, such as sponsored content to target professional audiences outside the Chinese Mainland. LinkedIn Pages will also remain visible to members outside the Chinese mainland, to help Chinese brands connect and engage with overseas members, grow their business, and build global connections.

Microsoft in October said it would shutter the social part of its social site LinkedIn in China after acknowledging in a post it faced significant challenges operating in the country under compliance requirements.



It said LinkedIn would replace its current version of the social network with a job-board service, removing social media features like the ability to share opinions and news stories.

Now InCareer enables Chinese mainland-based professionals to find and apply for their next job, stay connected with their professional network, and be discovered and messaged by recruiters.

During the coming months, LinkedIn said it will build on this foundation from member feedback.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions also is available for companies in China that want to reach and engage professionals outside of Chinese mainland.  

Advanced search features enable users to filter jobs by title, location, company, industry, or seniority level.

Based on members’ saved searches, jobs they have viewed, and their profiles, InCareer will surface new and relevant job opportunities.

The site supports mainland China, but recruiters worldwide can search, view profiles of and message members about roles based in China.

InCareer will not include a social feed or the ability to share posts or articles, but members can update their profiles and be discovered and messaged by recruiters, meaning their dream job can find them.

Members can also use the messaging feature to stay in touch with their contacts and to give and receive help.


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