CTV Ad Revenues Continue To Rise, As Do Concerns Over Reach, Frequency

While connected TV (CTV)/over-the top (OTT) continues to climb in terms of advertising revenues, media executives continue to have crucial concerns over key metrics.

Some 60% of advertising executives surveyed believe -- completely or to an extent -- that when they buy CTV impressions they are doing so without knowing the reach, frequency and effectiveness of their campaign, according to Advertiser Perceptions.

Only 19% disagree with this statement and 20% are neutral.

At the same time, a number of other studies have shown that U.S. advertisers are putting more money into video advertising.

CTV has a lot to do with it.

According to research by Advertiser Perceptions, TV in all its forms -- linear, addressable, CTV/OTT -- is the most “valuable,” getting a 47% number, versus 36% a year ago. Digital video (online/mobile) is at 46%, versus 53% a year ago.

Over half -- 54% -- believe they can achieve their campaign goals without buying linear TV.

Top-ranked digital video formats, in terms of value, when it comes to key performance indicators (KPIs), are short-form professional video (61%), full episodes, 54%; social-media influencer video (49%); and live events/tentpole (41%).

Advertiser Perceptions interviewed 250 U.S. advertising executives (63% from media agencies, 37% from marketers) in October 2021 for its latest Video Advertising Convergence Report.

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