Google Launches Desktop Search Page-Experience Report

Marketers now have a tool from Google to see the user experience of their desktop URLs.

With the Google page experience update coming to desk, marketers will have a page-experience report for desktop in Google Search Console.

The rollout begins in February, with a completion date by the end of March. The goal is for marketers to gain a better understanding of Google’s “’good page experience’ criteria,” the company wrote in a tweet.

Page experience will become part of the desktop ranking systems next month. The ranking launch is based on the same page-experience signals that Google rolled out for mobile last year. The idea is to help site owners understand how their desktop pages perform with regard to page experience using a Search Console report. The feature will roll out out to mobile first.



The same three Core Web Vitals metrics and their associated thresholds will now apply for desktop ranking.

The report tracks the quality of a site’s page experience based on these six metrics, and the impact on organic search channel, and identifies opportunities at the URL level to improve page experience where issues are found.

Searchmetrics in April 2021 released data suggesting that 90% of mobile searches fail to meet Google’s three Core Web Vitals thresholds for good website performance and usability.

The Searchmetrics study analyzed more than 2 million web pages that appeared in the top 20 Google results in the U.S., UK, and Germany.

The reasons highlighted in the study for poor user experience include the rise of unnecessary code on webpages built using templates in website builders such as WordPress and Wix, as well additional code in web plugins -- all of which slows pages down and creates optimization challenges.

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