Mother's Day Rituals - What She Really Wants

Mom says all she wants is time with family on Mother’s Day. While that might be true, her click behavior tells another story, according to data from Microsoft Advertising.

Searches for spas were the second-most-clicked gift last year, while more than 20% of mothers surveyed this year say they would like a spa visit in 2022.

Buying local is a critical. More than half of people participating in Microsoft’s survey said they plan to shop at a local store or restaurant this Mother’s Day. While they may plan to visit stores locally, many will first search online for deals, offers and information.

Microsoft Advertising Monday released data and tips that provide marketers with consumer search insights related to Mother’s Day.

The average U.S. citizen spent about $220 on Mother’s Day in 2021 -- up $16 more than in 2020, according to Microsoft Advertising.

Queries containing “Mother’s Day” typically begin to spike a week before, with the highest searches occurring on the day itself. Microsoft saw that occur in 2021, and expects that same trend in 2022.

Queries typically begin picking up five weeks before the holiday, which would have been last week.

The most popular “Mother’s Day” queries during the past three years include:

  • Mother’s Day gifts
  • Mother’s Day images
  • Mother’s Day cards handmade
  • Mother’s Day gift box
  • Happy Mother’s Day gift
  • Printable Mother’s Day cards
  • Mother’s Day rings
  • Mother’s Day shirts
  • DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas

Flowers, sweets, cards, and jewelry were among the most popular gifts for Mom in 2021. This year likely will be no different. One thing that is making the trend extend from last year to this year is the need and desire for experiences.

The experience of going to eat at a restaurant grew searches 46% YoY during Mother’s Day week in 2021 -- significantly higher than in the past three years, suggesting that people are growing more excited to go out again.

Searches related to jewelry saw more than a 26% YoY lift in searches the week of Mother’s Day in 2021 before falling in late May.

The need for experiences do not make traditional flower arrangements any less desirable.

The search terms “Flower arrangement” skyrocketed more than 57% year-over-year (YoY) during Mother’s Day 2020, likely due to pandemic lockdowns and no-contact delivery solutions from local flower shops.

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