DeepTarget Upgrades Tool For Exporting Lists And Sending 3D Communications

An enhanced 3D feature that can be utilized in email and other channels is about to be provided to banks and credit unions by data-mining firm DeepTarget. 

The company’s spring release of its Digital Experience Platform includes improvements to 3D StoryTeller, including automated rotation, background color enhancements, entrance zoom and the ability to adjust these settings for optimal user experiences.

The tool prioritizes, inventories and delivers messages in a 3D format, it says.

The spring release of DXP will be available in early May. 

The tool prioritizes, inventories and delivers messages in a 3D format, the company says.

DeepTarget says clients have asked for the ability to export their audience list for use in other third-party applications, such as email marketing and for powering onboarding initiatives.



A new feature of DXP, this capability can be used to deliver consistent communication via digital banking and other channels, according to DeepTarget: The audience export facilitates the creation of lists from any targeting method including AI/ML based predictive campaigns, it says. 

For onboarding, brands can identify new account holders is by using DXP’s rule-based campaigns to export the audience, the firm continues. The list can be used to send out welcome emails, including recommendations and on setting up services.





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