Basis Technologies Embraces Data Visualization, Automates Ad Reporting

Basis Technologies created a feature to automate time-consuming processes and reduce repetitive manual tasks required to build and share digital advertising reports.

The product -- Data Canvas -- is designed to improve communication between agencies and clients through live, customizable dashboards. The platform automatically gathers data on advertising tactics managed in the Basis platform for programmatic, vendor-direct, search and social.

“We set out a long time ago to build an automated system,” said Tyler Kelly, president at Basis Technologies.

Integrated applications automate manual operations, standardize business processes, and improve marketing and advertising performance. About 30 companies tested the system prior to the rollout, which changes the way marketers buy media.

“Some marketers still use Excel and Outlook to buy media, which is crazy because it’s 2022,” Kelly said. “Getting marketers to shift into another platform is hard.”



It’s one of the biggest hurdles to overcome, he said. Some of the largest advertising holding companies still use the manual processes.

QuanticMind, a search engine marketing company acquired in 2021, led the Basis to form a strong partnership with Google for real-time optimization, but it also became the foundation for this visualization tool.

Data Canvas enables agencies to automate how campaign data is presented to clients; reduce time spent manually creating and editing reports; focus resources on analysis, insights and campaign strategy; and effectively determine impactful optimizations. 

Once a dashboard is created using a customizable template, the client or agency can review the data at any point in the campaign. Cross-channel data is structured to be visually comprehensible based on users’ specific needs. Users can showcase digital media successes and gain insights to make informed decisions.

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