Former Facebook CCO Mark D'Arcy Joins The Brandtech Group

The Brandtech Group on Wednesday announced the appointment of Mark D’Arcy to partner and chief creative officer. He joined the company from Meta, where he led Facebook’s Creative Shop.

D’Arcy is referred to by some as the person who taught the advertising industry how to use social media. Now, he will work closely with The Brandtech Group CEO David Jones to lead emerging brandtech capabilities for the metaverse, AR and Web3.

“I’ve known David for more than a decade and admire what he and his partners have built,” D’Arcy wrote in an email to Search & Performance Marketing Daily.

The Brandtech Group is firmly focused on the future, he wrote, adding that “it’s mind blowing” to think about the potential that the next wave of innovation will create for businesses, and how it will transform and serve communities to drive growth.

As the former head of the Facebook Creative Shop, D’Arcy brings many years of experience to the group. He left Facebook -- now Meta -- in September 2021 after more than a decade at the company and is one of the world’s most highly regarded creative leaders.

“The hard bit, and I say this from experience, is converting the theoretical hype and optimism into actual tangible ideas that you can execute, scale and measure,” he wrote. “To do this is not easy, and you need super-smart partners who can put the solutions you need into action, not just talk about them.”

D’Arcy will have the ability to make significant changes such as making investments and acquisition. When asked what type of technology he is looking to add, he says, his interests point to ideas that take the technology everyone today talks about “in theory,” and create something that provides meaningful value for people “in practice.”

“If the past is any guide, we are about to enter an extraordinary period of innovation and, I hope, some really inspiring new start-ups,” he wrote.

“With Mark you get brilliant creativity, deep business acumen and a unique understanding of how to leverage technology to drive growth,” Jones wrote in a statement. “Most people have only one of those skill sets.”

The Brandtech Group reported Q1 2022 net revenue organic growth of 37.3%. The group’s model continues to outperform the market with organic revenue growth for 2021 of more than 50%, following 27.1% net organic revenue growth for 2020, according to the company.

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