Google Steps Up Automation To Create Assets For Ads From Website, Existing Ads

Google now automatically pulls in relevant creative content from a company’s landing page, website, existing ads, and keywords in ad groups to complement the creation of responsive search ads (RSAs).

The new setting -- which is being tested with some advertisers but not all -- gives Google the ability to automatically create additional advertising assets such as headers and descriptions.

Those with access to the feature must tell Google to generate the assets from eligible sources based on relevance and predicted performance.

“These assets can take the form of entire sentences, phrases, or paraphrasing while retaining the original meaning,” Google wrote in a post. “The generated assets are added to the pool of eligible assets for your responsive search ad (RSA).”

When an ad is eligible to serve for a query, the system will look at the pool of eligible assets provided by the advertiser and those automatically created, and select the assets that are predicted to provide the best performance.

Advertisers can view the performance of the automatically created assets by navigating to the reporting section of their ads account. This shows the assets being used in the RSAs.

An advertiser might provide a header and a description asset like “The new Smart Phone 7” and Google would provide the automatically created header and description assets “Impressive from every angle” to create an ad. Then a consumer searches on Google with the keyword phrase “the new smart phone 7,” they might see:  

ACME Electronics - Smart Phone 7
Ad ·
The new Smart Phone 7. Our most innovative Smart Phone yet.
Several colors to choose from. Contact free delivery available today.

Google also allows marketers to turn the feature on and off through the campaign setting by opting out. Sign into the Google Ads account, click on Setting, and Automatically created Assets. Select “Off: Use only assets I provide directly.”

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