Emodo's New Mobile Native Ad Offering Focuses On Creative, With Power Of AI

With the loss of mobile IDs, Emodo -- Ericsson’s mobile ad-technology division -- has announced “Adapt,” a new artificial intelligence (AI)-generated mobile native ad offering that is more focused on creative than user data.

“Adapt” aims to drive increased engagement and higher impact for brands and advertisers. 

According to a recent statement, Adapt native ads are built via Emodo’s creative rendering engine, which has the ability to layer on various effects including loading, image, text, call-to-actions, layouts and styling to create “limitless permutations” of an advertising unit. 

From there, Emodo leverages its AI-powered dynamic optimizer to understand which features are optimal for generating captivating designs for publishers and their audiences. 

“With its one size-fits-all approach, standard native advertising is no longer enough for  advertisers and brands,” says Tom Anderson, chief marketplace development officer at Emodo. 

The company says that Adapt unlocks capabilities for creative testing and performance at scale that are currently unavailable in traditional native formats. 

In addition to its launch of Adapt, Emodo has also released brand-new survey data on consumer affinity for native advertisements. The survey included standard display, standard native and Adapt native ads across three different publishers’ pages, and used eye-tracking to understand engagement with the various different ad formats.

Across three campaigns tested, the internal data shows that the Adapt unit drove more attention compared to other units. For a campaign involving Volvo, Adapt drove 13% higher message association as compared to a standard display or a standard native unit, and a 71% higher lift as compared to static native for a discount clothing retailer. 

“Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snap have proven that highly optimized native executions are impactful but have, until now, only been available behind their walls,” Anderson says, claiming that Adapt will elevate the opportunities for advertisers beyond those walled gardens. 

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