CaliberMind Debuts New Funnel Tools For B2B Marketers

B2B data platform CaliberMind has created new funnel models for clients. 

The new feature, CaliiberMindFunnels, “allows you to leave your system configured exactly as it is today – optimized for people engaging with your brand and flagging them to sales,” says Eric Westerkamp, CEO of CaliberMind.

The company claims that CaliberMind Funnels blends data from every sales and marketing touchpoint, and allows users to determine what is working at each stage in the funnel. 

Westerkamp argues that businesses need to “predict gaps in pipeline and bookings or identify friction points in the buyer journey." The product fixes such issues as duplicate records and mismatched lead records – before analyzing data and acting on it.

In addition, the tool looks across the account to determine whether thresholds are met no matter who initiated the engagement. It also provides custom dashboards, using new or existing ones.

Users can also have as many funnels as they need for a small fee, the company adds. 


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