Marin Reintroduces Company Platform, Announces Budget Optimizer

Marin Software has made a transition during the past few years. Executives recently reintroduced the company's platform as MarinOne, to provide marketers with one place from which they can manage services such as LinkedIn accounts, Google Ads, display ads and native advertising.

Company executives from Marin on Friday at the MediaPost Search & Performance Insider Summit provided tips on budgeting. The sponsored presentation, which I usually do not cover, offered some interesting information to share and kicked off on day two in Park City, Utah.

At the summit, the company introduced Budget Optimizer, a tracking and pacing platform that also forecasts each media, from Google Ads to Amazon Ads.

The platform, which was introduced to some clients on Tuesday, allocates budgets based on goal and constraints, adjusts budgets to maximize the report of investments, automatically keeps marketers on target.

Another feature, Automated Accounts Insights, one dashboard across all media spend that identifies whether something is broken or not performing well. One button will implement changes to the channel to fix the flaw.



This is how Marin now approaches how much to spend, where to spend it, and improve costs. Price over brand has become a trend for consumers. Marketers need to shift to repeat customers, Gordon said. Gain market share by focusing on what is known to work, he said. It can reduce any downturn the company might feel.

Some reminders to consider:

  • Invest in creative excellent and stories
  • Focus on value for customers
  • Adjust to support customers’ demand

About 70% of budgeting initiatives should be spent on what works; whereas 20% should go toward something moderately risky; and 10% toward difficult, risky, and complicated.

Marketing tasks that should be automated include:

  • Organic social posts and updates
  • Content amplification
  • Paid media optimization
  • Appointments, demos, service bookings
  • Email automation for lifecycle management
  • Lead nurturing
  • Loyalty and referral program

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