Pinterest Partners With LiveRamp, Albertsons First To Use Clean Room Services

Pinterest will partner with the LiveRamp to pilot clean rooms for select advertising partners. Albertsons becomes the first advertiser. The partnership supports the Albertsons Media Collective.

Kristi Argyilan, senior vice president of retail media for Albertsons Media Collective, believes using clean rooms can provide brands with the data to make informed decisions about their advertising while maintaining consumer privacy

The initial test pilot will focus on enabling closed-loop measurement, but will eventually provide the Albertsons’ team with a more holistic view of our customers’ digital footprint to unlock advanced measurement capabilities, like incrementality and multi-touch attribution.

Pinterest called the move its “next big development for secure data solutions.”

Bill Watkins, CRO at Pinterest, believes the company’s investment in these types of solutions will give brands like Albertsons more ways to help them better understand and measure the impact of campaigns in a brand safe environment as third-party cookie regulations tighten.



Pinterest said it routinely invests in these types of solutions that help marketers connect the dots between their first-party data, and consumer actions on Pinterest.

The announcement made at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023, enables Albertsons to use the LiveRamp clean room, a secure third-party option with privacy controls where brands can combine their own first-party data from Pinterest in a secure environment. It allows all parties to share data without identifying specific consumers.

The Albertsons clean room will be an ongoing initiative to deliver closed-loop reporting for brands that participate in the Albertsons Media Collective, the company’s retail media network (RMN).

The team will launch a winter healthy eating campaign to start, with the ability to measure metrics like return on ad spend.  

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