B2B Brands Urged To Use Email Signatures, Messaging

Here’s a hint for B2B email marketers who are wondering about which tools to use. 

They should use email signatures, according to B2B Digital Advertising, a benchmark study from Terminus. 

Email signatures -- which carry no cost for placement or clicks -- have the highest click-through rate seen, from .50% to .80%, the company claims.

LinkedIn ads also produce strong click-through rates. But while they may cost as much as $30 per CPM, they can generate click-through rates of up to .60%, Terminus says. 

As a result of this analysis, Terminus also urges B2B brands to use messaging and CTAs to differentiate themselves, and to focus on concise value propositions and CTAs and use fewer words when directing readers to a landing page or marketing resource. 

In addition, ads using photos of people produces higher click-through rates. The most effective background colors are blue, black, and green, the study finds.



In other Terminus news, the firm has named Natalie Cunningham as chief marketing officer and Carter Lassy as chief product officer. 

Prior to this promotion, Cunningham served Terminus as senior vice president of marketing. Previously, she held leadership roles at Boardable and Conga.  

Before Joining Terminus, Lassy worked at Experian, and joined Cheetah Digital as senior vice president of product and chief architect to advance the global product strategy when that firm was spun off in 2017. 





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