Website Visits To ChatGPT Owner OpenAI Hit 672M

Largely driven by interest in artificial intelligence, conversational web services, and investments from Microsoft, online traffic to OpenAI -- the maker of ChatGPT -- rose 3,572% from 18.3 million to 672 million website visits since the company released its bot at the end of November, according to data released Monday.

The analysis -- released Monday by, a company that provides a guide to online technology, using data from SimilarWeb -- reveals that OpenAI has become one of the most-visited websites, ranking No. 44 globally in the last month based on traffic.

This makes OpenAI currently the number-one website in SimilarWeb’s Computers Electronics and Technology category, overtaking tech giants such as Zoom, AOL, Sharepoint and AT&T. 

ChatGPT drives more than 92% of total website traffic overall, according to the analysis. SimilarWeb offers website and online traffic analysis.

There are currently 24 million average daily visits to due to ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is the fastest-growing app in the world, according to Digital Adoption, citing investment bank UBS, which reported that the chatbot reached 100 million monthly active users by January. 

More than one-fifth of all visits are from India and the United States, with around 11% traffic share each, or an estimated 73.9 million visits per country over the last month. Other main countries visiting are France, Canada, and Germany.

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