Advertisers Invited To Personalize Ads At Scale With Clinch, Samsung Partnership

On Wednesday, Samsung Ads tapped AI-driven personalization company Clinch's ad-technology platform to deliver personalized and dynamic programmatic campaigns across FAST (free ad-supported streaming) service Samsung TV Plus.

Clinch is certified to serve, run, and optimize campaigns across Samsung’s free ad-supported streaming TV service, as well as across connected TV (CTV), online video, display and mobile devices via Samsung's demand-side platform. Clinch will be available globally to Samsung Ads clients later this year.

The partnership will allow advertisers to make creative decisions based on Samsung Ads' automatic content recognition (ACR) technology -- the largest in the industry. Samsung's advertising partners will also gain access to Clinch's omnichannel activation platform Flight Control, which launched in February 2022.

Clinch CEO Oz Etzioni said in a statement that the partnership aims to enhance real-time personalization for millions of Samsung connected devices with more efficiency.

Samsung is the latest company to join Clinch's roster of ad-tech platform partners including DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science, VideoAmp and LG Ads Solutions, which uses Clinch to offer dynamic creative optimization (DCO) in connected TV campaigns run on over millions of LG smart TVs worldwide.

According to Fierce Video,Samsung's Senior Vice President of Product and Marketing Sang Kim said that the company is continuously experimenting with ad load and ad formats for TV Plus. He adds that FAST platforms are beneficial in that they can provide a good experience for users while maximizing monetization for advertisers.

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