Semcasting Agreement To Offer B2B Marketers Technographic, Contact Data Targeting

Cookieless targeting pioneer Semcasting has signed an agreement to integrate SalesIntel B2B data into its platform.  

“We built out a taxonomy of segments based on job titles and they are bucketed into two groupings like decision makers or IT security, so we bucketed that as manager to C-Suite level,” said Mike Skladony, GM of consumer services at Semcasting. “Then we bucketed for influencers such as sales executives who would use the product.”

Prior to this agreement, Semcasting had some normalized job-title data and sales information. The company would combine business-level targeting for everyone in a business, but not for specific job titles.

Semcasting onboarded SalesIntel’s data in February, and the service is now available. SalesIntel sends Semcasting monthly updates of the data.



Skladony said Semcasting’s approach to onboarding data is different than that of other companies. The company owns and compiles a national direct-mail consumer database and has the ability to link job title data to home addresses.

“The agreement with SalesIntel lets us take the job title data, identify the household and open the media mix for B2B advertisers, which has been predominantly display, mobile and some online radio,” he said. “Now they can jump into channels like connected TV and OTT into targeted households based on the job-title data.”

The technographic and contact data now is available in AudienceDesigner by Semcasting (ADS), a self-service platform that allows brands to onboard data, create audiences, and carry out real-time measurement.

SalesIntel’s account technographic and contact data now available for audience creation and segmentation in ADS includes 300 million unique technology installs across 22 million accounts such as account targeting details for 18,000 technologies, 19 categories, and 172 subcategories; and 90 million email-verified contacts such as targeting details for 17 million that are about 95% accurate human-verified contacts, the company says.

Skladony became more familiar with SalesIntel in October when the company approached Semcasting looking for a way to take job-title data into the programmatic space.

ADS is a clean-room environment for marketers to onboard first-party data with match rates averaging more than 85% and to optimize audience segments with third-party data. ADS audiences can be deployed within hours across major demand-side platforms (DSPs), connected TV (CTV) and social platforms.

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