Amazon Prime Video TV Ad Spend Up 72%, Industry-Wide Streaming TV Drops 21%

While video streamers have been moderating their marketing spending of late, Amazon Prime Video has gone in the other direction -- up almost 72% versus the previous 12-month period with estimated $285 million, over the according to

Another $18.4 million in media value came from Prime Video messages from associated Amazon TV-video platforms.

This paid activity is largely attributable to an increase in Q4 2022 due to “Thursday Night Football” -- the first year of the exclusive NFL franchise on a digital video streaming service.

Disney+ was the next-biggest paid spender after Prime Video at $142.5 million for the period, with another $138.6 million coming from the media value of messaging on Walt Disney-owned TV networks/platforms.

Disney's majority-owned Hulu was in third place at $87 million in TV ad spend and $112.4 million in media value, followed by NFL+ at $82.6 million ($14.3 million, in media value); Apple TV+, $80.3 million; and Netflix, at $60.9 million.



Paramount+ came next, with $55.5 million in paid national TV. But it also registered an estimated $183.7 million in media value from messaging on Paramount Global networks such as CBS, MTV, VH1, and others. That media value from TV advertisers was the highest among all premium streamers.

NBCUniversal's Peacock was at $39.5 million in paid TV spend and $98.7 million in media value on NBCU's networks.

Sling TV -- the Dish Network-owned virtual pay TV network distributor -- came in at $38.8 million in paid TV spend, followed by HBO Max at $34.2 million in TV spend (and $43.1 million in media value), completing the top ten.

From April 2022-April 2023, video streaming services' paid TV spending fell 21% to a projected $1.1 billion vs. $1.4 billion the year before. Media value from non-paid messaging on related TV networks and platforms also slipped, down 17% to $833.5 million from $1.0 billion.

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