Google, Microsoft, OpenAI CEOs Called To AI Meeting At White House

The chief executive officers of Google, Microsoft, OpenAI, and Anthropic will meet Thursday with U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris and top officials to discuss issues around artificial intelligence (AI).

Generative AI continues to impact everything from advertising and marketing to travel. Concerns are mounting over its potential to replace jobs as well as spread harmful content and misinformation, infringe on copyrights, and prompt plagiarism.

The invitation, seen by Reuters, states President Joe Biden's "expectation that companies like yours must make sure their products are safe before making them available to the public.”

A Gartner poll of 2,544 respondents fielded in March as part of a Gartner webinar series found that 68% of executives believe the benefits of generative AI outweigh the risks, compared with just 5% that feel the risks outweigh the benefits.

Some 45% participating in Gartner’s poll say the publicity of ChatGPT has prompted them to increase AI investments. Seventy percent of executives said their organization is in investigation and exploration mode with generative AI, while 19% are in pilot or production mode.

As the debate on whether to regulate AI has plagued many areas of society. Published as an open letter in March, Elon Music, an initial investor in OpenAI, along with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and others tech leaders signed a petition to stop further AI developments. The petition, with more than 1,000 signatures called for a pause in AI experiments.

New York Congresswoman Yvette Clarke on Tuesday a bill that would require disclosures of AI-generated content in political ads. Her bill, she told the Washington Post, was in direct response to the RNC ad that launched last week.

The Biden administration has been vocal online when it comes to accountability for AI systems. In a blog post on the White House blog on the Blueprint for AI Bill of Rights, it states “among the great challenges posed to democracy today is the use of technology, data, and automated systems in ways that threaten the rights of the American public.”

The Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights is a guide for a society that protects all people from these threats — and uses technologies in ways that reinforce our highest values, according to the post.

The White House also is looking into how companies use AI to monitor and manage workers.

“While these technologies can benefit both workers and employers in some cases, they can also create serious risks to workers,” the post states, per Bloomberg. “The constant tracking of performance can push workers to move too fast on the job, posing risks to their safety and mental health.”

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