BENlabs Introduces AI Features Based On Unstructured Video Data

BENlabs, an entertainment AI company, Wednesday will announce two AI-powered features to its TubeBuddy software as a service (SaaS) platform.

These two tools — Thumbnail Analyzer, and Title Generator — are part of the company’s commitment to empower the 14 million creators and brands leveraging the platform to drive audience and revenue growth.

“The AI Thumbnail Analyzer and Suggested Shorts take the guessing game out of content creation,” says Saj Adibs, a filmmaker and entrepreneur for the video production company Howfinity.

Title Generator uses generative large language models (LLMs) formatted for optimal title length and structure for YouTube titles. It is a tool to support creators looking for alternative ways and titles for videos.

Keywords from the previous title are incorporated into new titles, but the tool also creates new titles that do not contain a creators’ targeted keywords. Based on the words, concepts, and structure, the tool will provide the creator with alternative titles to consider for their video.

Creators can use BENlabs’s A/B testing tool to compare the effectiveness of new and existing titles.

Depending on channel traffic, it can take users from a few days to 2 weeks to see the improvement from a new title.

While both features aim to improve audience engagement and drive revenue for digital creators by leveraging unstructured video data, Video Thumbnail Analyzer leverages human attention heatmaps to compare thumbnails, providing click-through-rate (CTR) predictions to identify the most optimized thumbnails to drive traffic and clicks. 

It leverages unstructured data and generative AI to help creators and brands scale content. It lets creators and brands spend more time creating engaging content by leveraging data-driven systems and processes that align with the content they produce to drive revenue for their channels.

The company says it support more than 65 tools in its TubeBuddy SaaS platform to help creators.

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