CallRail Launches Integration With Microsoft Teams

Lead intelligence platform CallRail has formed an integration with the Microsoft Teams communications platform. 

Incoming calls, texts and form submissions can now appear within the Microsoft Teams workspace with no switching of apps. 

According to CallRail, the capabilities include:

  • Automatic notifications of new calls, texts, or form submissions, allowing notifications and marketing teams to know the source of every lead.
  • Ability to reply to SMS texts directly within Microsoft Teams.
  • Delivery of daily or weekly performance summaries.

CallRail has a similar integration with Slack that is now utilized by nearly 2,000 clients.

The company cites statistics showing that 78% of customers buy from the first business that replies. 

“Businesses have multiple priorities competing for their time and attention,” says Laura Lawrie, principal product manager, integrations at CallRail. “By immediately knowing when a lead contacts their business and how often they miss calls, they’re able to expedite lead response for better conversion rates.”



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