McDonald's Replaces Product Placement With Streaming Delivery Through App

Amsterdam agencies TBWA\NEBOKO and TBWA\X developed a streaming and food delivery service for McDonald’s that allows consumers to order products seen in films or television series by scanning them.

The campaign, Order That Scene, reaches for the culture who streams content, making McDonald’s products available for delivery when they appear in movies and television series. It's done through the McDonald’s app developed by 51North.

Stijn Mentrop, CMO of McDonald's Netherlands, says the campaign is geared toward “people who experience food craving when binging streaming content. We now have a new solution for our customers, one that is sure to resonate with anyone who has had a snack attack while watching their favorite film or series.”

When products are scanned with the camera on the phone through the app, the technology automatically detects products. By scanning the products with the McDonald's delivery app, they will automatically be ordered through the app and then delivered to the customer. The agencies predict it will become the biggest McDonald’s product campaign to date without spending anything on product placement or copyright.



The agency Beng Beng spearheaded the production.

The Order That Scene campaign launched today exclusively on the McDonald’s App in The Netherlands.

An outdoor and social campaign will mark the film or series with an exact timecode of when a McDonald’s product appears. Consumers have the option of collecting all ten of the iconic McDonald’s products featured in the campaign.

The McDonald's brand or its products have appeared in movies since 1973, when Woody Allen’s character finds himself in the year 2173. After assimilating into society, he passes a McDonald's with a slightly upgraded sign. Then in 1976 in "All the President’s Men," a film about the breaking of the Watergate scandal, journalists Bob Woodward played by Robert Redford, and Carl Bernstein, played by Dustin Hoffman, talk about the story they're working on while dining at McDonald's.

Other movies that the brand or its products have appeared in include "Time After Time" in 1979, "Ordinary People" in 1980, and "Mac and Me" in 1988, "The Flintstones" in 1994, "Pulp Fiction" in 1994, "Richie Rich" in 1994, "The Fifth Element" in 1997, "Big Daddy" in 1999, "Super Size Me" in 2004, "The Pink Panther" in 2006, "Candy" in 2006, and many others to the present.

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