MediaWallah Releases Configurable, Transparent Identity Management Suite

MediaWallah, a woman-founded identity by design provider, plans to announce the launch of the Architecture Identity Suite -- a new kind of identity portfolio that gives companies complete control of identity management.

Core identity management makes it more addressable and targetable where the data lives, has always been the company’s focus.

Now if a marketer never wants the company’s data to leave its systems, an integration with MediaWallah’s identity-resolution architecture solves the problem without the data ever leaving the warehouse, says Nancy Marzouk, MediaWallah CEO and founder.

“It’s a simple function of resolving identity,” Marzouk says.

The strategy moves identity management further up the advertising supply chain to give marketers the ability to remain in complete control of the company’s data.



Some companies are “okay” with relinquishing control of identity-management strategies to companies such as LiveRamp and others, but now with widespread privacy concerns, marketers have an option to remain in control and create custom workflows, she said, especially now that first-party data is becoming the catalyst for marketing.

Data owners want a solution designed to fill in the gaps for their own identity data and to sync with other companies’ unique activation and first-party data management structure.

With the rise of clean rooms and similar data-sharing technologies, companies need what Marzouk calls “white-box” transparency to understand how their own data aligns with that of partners.

Some of the features include internal error flagging, data resolution, data onboarding and cross channel sharing, and addressability analysis.

MediaWallah has been testing the architecture with several clients. One data provider, a large broadcaster that provides segments, has been moving the data upstream to share directly from their cloud infrastructure to MediaWallah -- looking to expand and put it into their customer data platform (CDP) rather than integrating the data into the CDP and then sharing it with the identify management company, as previously done.

MediaWallah was built on the premise of being in control of identity management, but eight years ago the vision was too advanced, she said. As a woman entrepreneur it took years for the industry to validate and accept her strategy. The market needed to get to a certain place before it took hold.

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