VideoAmp Announces Data Deal With Consumer Credit Bureau TransUnion

VideoAmp, a so-called "alternate currency" for buying and selling TV and CTV advertising, this morning announced a deal with consumer credit bureau TransUnion to integrate its "TruAudience" segmentation data into VideoAmp's audience estimates.

"The integration enables marketers to measure the impact of their campaigns across TV and digital channels, connect their media placements to purchase behavior, and use these media effectiveness insights to optimize media and creative placements, budget allocation, and audience targets," VideoAmp said in its announcement, adding that those "outputs" would be derived by feeding TransUnion's data into VideoAmp's platform for "real-time algorithmic media plan optimizations."

VideoAmp has been "certified" as an ad-sales currency by several big TV/CTV media suppliers, and is expected to be among the alternate currency suppliers applying for certification from the U.S. joint industry committee (JIC).

Horizon Media recently announced it has also cut a deal to utilize VideoAmp as a media-buying currency.



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