LinkedIn Planning To Test Video Ad Placements On Streaming Services

LinkedIn may be expanding its advertising focus from its news feed to streaming services.

The business-focused social platform is readying the test of a new advertising product that will invite marketers to target LinkedIn users while they are streaming movies and TV shows.

“It is hoping to cash in on the fast-growing streaming ad market,” stated The Information, which broke the story. “Including by using the detailed data it has accumulated on its 930 million users to gain a bigger share of the $60 billion business spend advertising to other businesses.”

In general, the ad product would provide TV-adjacent reach for companies' LinkedIn ad campaigns by guaranteeing streaming placement for LinkedIn promotions.

Over the past few years, streaming services have seen an increase in usage across the world, with video-on-demand revenue amounting to over 35 million U.S. dollars. It's no surprise why major advertisers and most leading TV networks are currently advertising on video-streaming services.

LinkedIn's decision to enter the space aligns with its expanding video promotion offerings, like the launch of pre- and mid-roll In-Stream video ads that play during long-form video content on trusted publisher sites across the LinkedIn Audience Network.

“In-stream video ads can change the way brands and buyers reach and engage their audiences,” Penry Price, vice president of marketing solutions at LinkedIn, recently told Reuters.

The platform has not yet announced any more information on testing nor which streaming providers it plans on working with.

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