MNTN Creates Viva, Adds Gen AI Tool To Enhance Performance Of CTV Campaigns

MNTN, a CTV performance marketing platform, is launching a generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool to help marketers streamline the creative process for connected television (CTV) ad campaigns. The goal is to lower the cost of creative. 

Viva is a video creative platform set to launch later this year. When it is released, anyone can use the tool for free. It combines some of the best GAI tools available with an intuitive editing environment made for marketers.

The goal is to spur a new class of video creators regardless of skill level, while making existing video professionals significantly more productive.

“Any size advertiser should be able to use television as an advertising medium,” said MNTN CEO Mark Douglas, speaking with Search & Performance Marketing Daily from Cannes. “Three-quarters of our customers have never advertised on television before. They are coming on the platform as a direct-response platform, alongside paid search and paid social.”

The tool supports on a continued effort to expand the ability for all to advertise on television as a performance media. In January 2022, MNTN acquired QuickFrame, a network of thousands of creators producing video ads for more than 1,000 brands, and in June 2021, acquired Ryan Reynolds' creative advertising agency Maximum Effort.

The tool lets teams create the concepts and produce more video in a shorter amount of time to bring it into a final commercial. GAI provides a biggest library to create the spots.

Storyboards is one of the easiest use case for this tool, he said. "The nightmare situation is you hire an agency, you agree on a commercial, and they produce it, but you hate it," he said. "It's somehow not what you think it would be, but you still need to pay the agency, because they did all the work."

Brands will soon begin to see GAI-created storyboards where someone describes a concept and can see the concept through the technology. Creators can then add pieces to the campaign. These things would have took much more time to produce. 

A billboard that reads "MNTN needed vowels so we added AI" explains the future of the company. 

The tools MNTN continues to create bring smaller and medium-size advertisers into the mix, Douglas said.

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