AWS Invests $100M To Build Gen AI Innovation Center, Omnicom Collaborates To Reimagine Creativity

Amazon Web Services (AWS) will invest $100 million in a generative artificial intelligence (GAI) innovation center to give its customers help in building and deploying GAI.

The announcement, made Thursday includes the AWS Generative AI Innovation Center, which will connect AWS AI and machine learning (ML) experts with customers worldwide to help them envision, design, and launch new generative AI products, services, and processes.

Omnicom Group -- one of the first advertising companies to work with the innovation center -  announced that it will use AWS generative AI and machine learning to reimagine ad campaign development. With AWS and the new tools introduced in April, Omnicom can advance and create new foundational AI models that can automate activities such as brief development, ad creative, audience segmentation, performance measurement and more. 

Working with AWS, Omnicom will advance its AI-powered platform Omni, an open operating system that today uses AWS to ingest trillions of advertising signals monthly and store more than 10 petabytes of data, by creating new foundational models that help automate activities such as developing creative briefs, media plans, ad creative, audience segmentation, and performance measurement.

“The Generative AI Innovation Center is part of our goal to help every organization leverage AI by providing flexible and cost-effective generative AI services for the enterprise, alongside our team of generative AI experts to take advantage of all this new technology has to offer,” stated Matt Garman, senior vice president of Sales, Marketing, and Global Services at AWS.

Amazon has more than 25 years of AI experience, and more than 100,000 customers have used AWS AI and ML services

The move builds on its narrative at Cannes and more than 25 years of investment in developing AI technologies for customers and is just one part of AWS’s overall generative AI strategy to bring this technology to customers and partners.

Engagements will deliver strategy, tools, and assistance that will help customers use AWS generative AI services, including CodeWhisperer, an AI-powered coding companion, and Bedrock, a fully managed service that makes foundational models (FMs) from AI21 Labs, Anthropic, and Stability AI, along with Amazon’s own family of FMs, Titan, accessible via an API. 

The AWS Generative AI Innovation Center team of strategists, data scientists, engineers, and solutions architects will work with customers to build solutions.

For example, healthcare and life sciences companies can pursue ways to accelerate drug research and discovery. Manufacturers can build solutions to reinvent industrial design and processes, and financial services companies can develop ways to provide customers with more personalized information and advice, the company said.

The free workshops, engagements, and training aim to help AWS customers imagine use cases. Customers will work closely with generative AI experts from AWS and the AWS Partner Network to select the right models, define paths to navigate technical or business challenges, develop proofs of concepts, and make plans for launching solutions at scale.

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