One Sound Doesn't Fit All Campaign Explores Audio

Many have heard the phrase "one size doesn’t fit all." And while the saying typically focuses on the clothing industry, same goes for the sounds people hear. One sound does not fit all. That’s the tag behind Denon’s latest campaign for its high-end PerL Pro earbuds, which adapts to how the wearer hears.

Madwell, which became the brand’s agency of record (AOR) in May 2022, created the campaign using computer graphics (CG) and 3D animation to showcase the PerL Pros’ technology and subtle visual metaphors to express how each feature works. Max Borges was the PR agency on the initial launch.

“PerL listens to you, so you can listen better,” according to the campaign.

Individual auras for each character were created to demonstrate the meaning of personalized experiences and the result of producing a unique sound profile to customize the listening experience.

The wireless earbuds use Masimo Adaptive Acoustic Technology (AAT) to create a personalized sound profile. They are equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound with aptX Lossless technology to deliver true lossless audio over Bluetooth. They also feature active noise cancellation and a transparency mode.

The initial launch of the campaign targeted technology and business decision makers in the audio and related industries.

Ads began running in late June and ended in mid-July on Forbes and Bloomberg, as well as via the TradeDesk, and on Denon's social channels.

Creatives included a hero :60 launch video, along with 5 video cutdowns, two-time versions of digital banners and more than 30 photo and GIF assets, along with social content from those assets.

The consumer-focused campaign will launch in September.

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