Google Pixel Soccer Spot Features Megan Rapinoe

Google has launched its Women’s World Cup campaign, featuring soccer star and Google Pixel partner Megan Rapinoe. 

The spot is the latest in Google’s ongoing “Fixed on Pixel” campaign and follows Rapinoe as she uses her Pixel phone and Pixel Watch to prepare for a game.

Rapinoe uses Google Pixel features Photo Unblur to sharpen a picture of herself as a child, Live Translate to read fans’ signs and takes an ultrawide selfie with a group of fans. The features are powered by Google artificial intelligence (AI).

The campaign features one :30s and two :15s spots that will air on television throughout the tournament.

In the spot Rapinoe wear the Pixel Buds Pro and a Pixel Watch showing Fitbit Active Zone Minutes. It’s paired with a Coral Watch Band that, won’t be available for purchase until Fall 2023.

Google created the campaign under the guidance of director Nina Meredith with creative director Armando Samuels, and content producers Greg O'Connell and Collin Beckles.

The audio for the 30-second ad plays “Presence Of A Legend” by Shea Diamond.

As the audience for soccer continues to grow, so does Google’s commercial viewership and customer base.

Saturday afternoon's match in Auckland, New Zealand during the weekend averaged 5,261,000 viewers on Fox, making it the second-most watched group stage telecast since Fox started covering it in 2015. Fox and Nielsen said the audience peaked at 6.5 million for the final 15 minutes.

The largest Women’s World Cup group stage broadcast on Fox remains the 2019 U.S.-Chile match, which averaged 5,337,000. Fox and Nielsen said it is a 99% increase compared with the first U.S. group stage match four years ago in France against Thailand, which started at 2:30 p.m. EDT.

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