Internet-Wireless Marketers Slow Paid TV Ad Spend By 11%, Impressions Rise

Amid current weakness in the linear TV advertising marketplace, TV-Internet/wireless marketers -- a top TV advertising category -- have slowed down their collective paid spend by 11% to $348.8 million over the most recent three-month period versus a year before, according to estimates from EDO Ad EnGage.

At the same time, marketers aired more commercial messages for an increased overall ad time and higher impressions in the period from April 26 through July 24.

This year, there were 146, 310 airings and 61.0 billion impressions -- versus 129,630 airings and 55.1 billion impressions in 2022.

A year ago, estimated ad spend totaled $393.7 million for the category.

Some of the biggest general entertainment networks witnessed declines, including NBC at $27.5 million in estimated spend, with 1,050 airings versus $48.5 million over the same period a year ago; ABC with $27.2 million spend and 794 airings, (versus $35.0 million in 2022); CBS with $22.7 million spend and 866 airings (vs. $29.7 million); Fox with $12.7 million spend and 368 airings (vs. $24.5 million); and USA Network with $11.0 million spend and 2,780 airings (vs. $13.0 million).



The best performers include Univision at $24.9 million and 2,780 airings (vs. $24.3 million a year before); TNT with $23.3 million and 2,080 airings (vs. $18.4 million); and ESPN at $15.7 million and 3,350 airings (vs. $13.6 million).

The biggest events in the period included the NBA Finals and post-season playoffs.

Analysts have noted that while general linear TV entertainment shows continue to show ad softness as a result of less viewing, sports TV content remains strong.

Projected higher ad spenders in the current period include Verizon Wireless at $66.7 million, followed by T-Mobile, $60.6 million; AT&T, with $41.5 million; Consumer Cellular, $24.9 million), and Dish Network, $23.8 million).

T-Mobile has seen major declines. A year ago over the same period, it led all these marketers -- spending $111.1 million.

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