Taboola Takes AI Into Bidding To Advance Performance

Taboola, which powers recommendations on the open web, created bidding technology that advances performance advertising less than a year since artificial intelligence (AI) became the star in advertising.

Maximize Conversions, supported by Taboola’s algorithm based on artificial intelligence (AI), automates the cost per click bid process to drive as many conversions as possible within a budget that is pre-set by marketers. The technology moves marketers beyond manual and time-consuming cost per click (CPC) bidding strategies.

Although it is not known how much companies are spending to advance advertising functions, it's clear that automation continues to take the guesswork out of certain functions at a fraction of the time.

AI has removed obstacles in CPC bidding, according to Adam Singolda, CEO and founder of Taboola. He said Taboola’s AI model is trained on first-party contextual signals from more than 9,000 publishers and nearly 600 million daily active users.



Early adopters include Babble, a language learning system, Audibene, which provides hearing aid support; Muhlert Digital Gmbh Agency; ClickCrew, a performance-based ad agency; and Secret Escapes, a members-only travel club.

More than 1,000 Taboola advertisers have already used Maximize Conversions. Advertisers, in general, are seeing up to 50% increase in conversions. Some advertisers have reduced cost per acquisition (CPA) by nearly 20%. The platform also has cut the time in half it takes advertisers to reach the best results.

Taboola said marketers can use the technology without a target CPA, which delivers against an advertiser’s daily budget. When used with a target CPA, it delivers performance at a CPA the marketer controls.


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