WBD Max Leads TV Promo Ad Spend, But Stuck in Streaming Share

Heading into the new TV season, Warner Bros. Discovery’s premium streamer Max has placed an industry-leading number of linear TV ads over the past 90 days -- but it has not made any strides versus its competition in terms of viewership.

In June and July, Max had a 1.4% share of the streaming pie, according to Nielsen's The Gauge, which looks at total day viewing of people age 2 years and older. By August it dipped to 1.3%. A year before, August posted 1.2% for the former HBO Max.

Over the last 90 days, linear TV advertising -- largely on WBD's linear TV networks -- witnessed 30,240 airings -- amounting to an estimated national TV spend/media value of $33.1 million, according to EDO Ad EnGage.

Although it has gained 8.4 billion impressions, Max remains stuck in its share of streaming total day viewing. It is tied with Tubi (a 1.3% share), and behind Disney+ (2.0%), Prime Video (3.4%); Hulu (3.6%); and Netflix (8.2%).



The total for Max's spend and promo placement is nearly double the estimated national TV spend for Amazon Prime Video -- at $17.5 million, from 4,300 airings -- which is in second place for the period in terms of ad spending. 

Also, Max's spend is triple the amount for NFL+, the streaming app that has been promoting the new NFL season -- at $11.9 million and 1,100 airings.

Three Walt Disney products were next on the list of biggest spenders: Disney+ with $10.2 million and 2,820 airings; The Disney Bundle with $9.81 million and 2,460 airings; and Hulu+Live TV at $7.2 million, with 2,980 airings.

Peacock sits at $6.2 million in estimated national TV spend from 1,760 airings. Advertising for Paramount+ and Showtime Bundle was at $4.8 million and 3,670 airings.

Over the past 90 days, total premium streaming national TV ad spend was at $130.7 million -- more than 72,000 airings and 25.1 billion impressions. This is down 11% from a $147 million spend for the same period a year before -- 64,100 airings and 25.0 billion impressions.

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