Fourthwall Rolls Out Multi-Currency Support For Creators' E-Commerce Shops

Fourthwall – a creator shop and membership platform similar to Shopify and Patreon – is rolling out multi-currency support for people across the globe attempting to purchase products from their favorite creators’ e-commerce shops in their local currency.

As creators continue to grow their global audiences, multi-currency capabilities are becoming essential for e-commerce platforms, letting interested consumers across the world make purchases more seamlessly.

Fourthwall says that its update will allow creators to automatically show their fans product pricing on their store in the fans’ local currency. Fans will also be able to toggle between different currencies. However, creators’ profits will be consistently shown in USD.

“Exchange rates are automatically calculated to ensure you receive the same profit regardless of currency,” the company wrote in a blog post. “Fourthwall takes the currency conversion rate risk. Any refunds will be issued in the buyer’s original purchase currency.”



Starting in November, Fourthwall will be adding a 1% fee to the payment processing fee for non-US credit cards to cover higher rates its credit card processors charge them for cross-border payments. It’s the same fee that Shopify, Patreon and other leading e-commerce platforms charge as well.

Until the update takes effect, membership payments on Fourthwall will remain available only in USD.


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