SabioTV Redefines Diversity

Diversity in mindset, not just the color of someone’s skin, fuels Sabio Holdings’ foray into streaming television apps.

Supported by artificial intelligence-driven analytics that can forecast and drive new insights, the company plans to launch its own streaming TV channel, SabioTV.

Aziz Rahimtoola, co-founder and CEO at Sabio Holdings, an advertising tech firm, believes the concept will attract a more diverse set of viewers for advertisers.

“The network being launched highlights diverse streamers from social media and brings them into streaming TV by serializing the content,” Rahimtoola said. “We will work with them to also produce new content.”

The idea is to offer diverse thinking through the programming, not just diversity in the color of someone’s skin, Rahimtoola said.



People under the age of 24 do not watch traditional television. They get their news and entertainment from streaming, TikTok and other social platforms. The algorithms feed viewers what they want to see over and over again, creating more division. Rahimtoola hopes to change that by bringing diverse audiences to streaming TV.

TikTok and YouTube influencers that Sabio works with have diverse viewpoints.

It is a lofty goal, but the idea is to bring a more diverse viewpoint to streaming TV.

Rahimtoola said Sabio is working with one influencer who had cancer as a child for a show called "My Happy Place" that aims to help children with cancer by redecorating their bedrooms and providing them with inspiration and love.

The series of shows will run on the SabioTV via FAST channels found on Vizio, Roku and others scheduled to launch in late 2024.

The majority of the business is focused on ad-supported streaming TV on apps. Rahimtoola founded the company in 2014 after spending time at Fox television, and later worked at NBC, AT&T, and the browser company Opera. In all those experiences, he says, the one thing still missing has been a deeper understanding of consumer behavior.

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