CPG, Pharma/Wellness, General Business Driving Ad Spending

Mixed signals for U.S. ad demand continued into October, according to the most recent data released from Guideline's Standard Media Index.

On the bullish side of the spectrum, general business (+22% vs. October 2022), consumer packaged goods (+20%), pharma (+12%) and wellness (+11%) are leading the ad spending rebound with significant double-digit ad-spending gains.

On the bearish side, financial services (-12%), apparel (-13%) and entertainment/media (-14%), have cut back at corresponding double-digit rates.

"CPG notably contributed a significant incremental +$200 million ad dollars," in year-over-year ad spending, according to Guideline's analysts, who noting that not all categories are created equal in terms of driving the overall U.S. ad economy.

CPG represents about 19% of all ad spending, according to Guideline's estimates.



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