Comscore Integrates Campaign Ratings With YouTube

The ability to cross-measure YouTube ad performance got a boost on Monday with the integration of Comscore Campaign Ratings (CCR) into its platform.

Comscore and YouTube on Monday announced the expansion of YouTube's existing measurement capabilities to include YouTube Shorts and In-Feed inventory, as well as the ability to measure YouTube standard video inventory, YouTube and YouTube TV across connected TV (CTV), desktop, and mobile.

The tool also will include the measurement of Masthead inventory in the coming months.

Steve Bagdasarian, chief commercial officer at Comscore, believes the partnership is focused on where the market is today and how brands leverage short-form video to reach consumers.

Viewers have accelerated their use of short-form video. YouTube Shorts now averages more than 70 billion daily views, according to YouTube. Viewers like watching these on TV.



Bagdasarian highlighted the biggest technical challenge as the “marriage of product roadmaps,” ensuring that Comscore and Google “shift at the same speed.”

The feature has been rolling out to a few clients such as the National Football League.

The increased reporting capability uses Google’s Ads Data Hub for Measurement Partners (ADH) to allow brands to gain cross-platform insights into the performance of their complete YouTube strategy.

The integration gives advertisers a complete view of impressions, reach, and unique audiences across all YouTube inventory, and allowing for more informed decision-making and strategic optimization. it maps back to other areas where that ad spend sits.

“We're able to marry that back to how YouTube sits within our comprehensive measurement platform, which we then marry up to look at the overlapping incrementality at the household level back to television,” Bagdasarian explained.

When asked to describe the influence Google Privacy Sandbox will have on Comscore’s measurement tools or relationship, Bagdasarian said it doesn’t today, but as it continues to change “we will make sure we’re properly situated for all signal loss.” The roadmap will evolve.

Are there any plans for Comscore to integrate with Google Performance Max? He said Comscore focuses more on third-party measurement.

“We, alongside with Google, are working to ensure that we integrate into the various offerings that Google brings to market,” he said. “We want to make sure that that advertisers are best informed and trust the data.”

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