Skechers Brings Virtual Store To Roblox

Skechers has teamed up with Super League, an end-to-end activation partner for brands in immersive gaming platforms like Fortnite and Minecraft, to launch its first store in one of Roblox’s virtual malls, offering players an interactive treasure hunt to win exclusive digital Skechers items.

To participate, Roblox players can head to Livetopia’s Topia Mall, a virtual mall created by Century Games, where they will find the Skechers’ virtual store and have the option to embark on a treasure hunt to win digital items and looks inspired by specific Sketchers products.

According to Skechers, the store has already seen over 3.4 million visits, 4 million try-ons, and almost 45 million impressions generated, supporting the influx of immersive digital shopping habits.

A recent Roblox-commissioned study found that Gen Z users were willing to spend on avatar customization and digital fashion, with about half of respondents budgeting under $10 every month, 19% budgeting $20, and 18% budgeting between $50 and $100. While half of Gen Z respondents say they prefer to shop with friends in the metaverse rather than on their own.



Skechers designed the store in Roblox to appeal to the platform's expansive Gen Z user base while collecting insights and increasing brand recognition among groups of new consumers who can easily shop together.

Super League says it was one an early adopter of Roblox's Immersive Ads, which were first announced in 2022, shifting the business's revenue model beyond simply selling Robux, its virtual currency that players can use to level up and buy in-game goods.

Recently, Roblox made Immersive Video Ads available to all advertisers, which allow brands to target users age 13 and up without having to create a custom large-scale immersive experience.

Video ads, however, can link users directly to custom content within the platform.

As brands continue to open virtual stores and experiences in Roblox -- which currently has about 78 million daily active users -- the company is still proving itself as a valuable space for brands to spend their advertising dollars.

Last week, Roblox shares plummeted more than 20% after the company cut its annual bookings forecast due to slowed user growth and a downturn in in-game spending.

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